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Polina Mikhailova: See You in Saint Petersburg!

My dear friends!

Just over a month left before the start of the most significant and exciting international tournament for the youngest Russian table tennis players in Russian calendar - the ITTF Open Russian Championship among cadets and mini-cadets (Russian Cadet & Hopes Open in memory of Nokolay Nikitin).

The Memorial is dedicated to the memory of the founder of the EuroSib companies group and the first President of the Table Tennis Federation of St. Petersburg Nikolay Genievich Nikitin and held for the 16th time. We have every right to call this competition traditional.
Every year more and more russian and foreign young sportsmen come to the most beautiful city in our country, St. Petersburg, not only to perform in the prestigious tournament, and score points to improve the international rating, but also to enjoy the beauty of St. Petersburg.
The appearance in the tournament will be the start of the sport career for many of you, and a tough experience and a hard work are waiting for you on this way. Overcoming these difficulties and giving all you can give to our favourite kind of sport, you can not only become a stronger player, but also reach the highest results on russian and international sport venues.

The Nikolay Nikitin's Memorial was for me one of the first and the most important international starts. It laid the foundation of my victories and opened the gate to the big sport and to the Russian national team.

I invite all the russian table tennis players and our foreign friends to take part in XVI Nikolay Nikitin's Memorial and to visit my favourite city.

See you in Saint Petersburg!