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Andrey Krutov: Nikolay Nikitin's Memorial is one of the tramplins to enter the Russian national team.

Just before the start of the XVI Nikolay Nikitin's Memorial we offer you the interviews with the coaches and the leading specialists of Russian table tennis.

Today our guest is the head coach of the Russian mini-cadet national team Andrey Anatolyevich Krutov.

- Andrey Anatolyevich, how would you estimate the level of the Nikolay Nikitin's Memorial?

- Nikolay Nikitin's Memorial is a high level international tournament. With all my respect to the organizers of Russian competitions, it's very difficult to provide high level, especially for the mini-cadets tournaments. Young sportsmen need to feel the atmosphere of a great competition.
A big venue, objective refereeing, spectators are a priceless experience that You should gain since childhood. Nikolay Nikitin's Memorial stands in line with the Junior and Cadet TOP-24. Running the competition in Ekaterinburg just after the European Table Tennis Championships was a great idea. Training and playing in the same hall where the table tennis stars do, where everything is sodden with a sweat of the best players - all of these can inspire.
- How would you estimate the date of the tournament?

- Nikitin's Memorial fits the official calendar perfectly. The interval between TOP-24 and TOP-12 would have been very long without it. For young players it is extremely important to set the short-termed goals to keep the motivation during the training process.
- How important the Nikitin's Memorial is for the selection to the Russian national team?

- Taking into consideration the existing selection criteria, the important role goes to international tournaments. The gained points have an additional benefit. Not all of the regions have the opportunity to sent their best players abroad, and it turns out that the sportsmen from richer regions have the advantage over them in entering the national team. But thanks to the Nikitin's Memorial many players can take part in the competitions to enter the Russian national team.