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Sergey Brusin: there must be some surprises

Not a single Nikolay Nikitin's Memorial can be held without Sergey Brusin. Moreover, how is it possible for a Russian Cadet girls team's head coach to miss such a representative forum of the best young table tennis players of our country?

On the eve of the XVI Nikitin's Memorial we address our questions to Sergey Brusin. Here is the interview.

- Sergey Borisovich, did you participate in all of the Nikitin's Memorials?
- Yes, I've been almost to every Nikitin's Memorial and I consider these competitions one of the best where the strongest Russian table tennis players perform.

- Despite watching for your own players, do you manage to watch for other players? Which girls do you keep in mind as possible participants of the national Russian cadet girls team?
- Despite the already experienced players like Maria Taylakova, Anastasia Kolish, Kristina Kazantseva and Elina Rub, I can point out the other players I focus on: Ekaterina Zironova, Natalya Malinina, Elizabeth Abraamyan, Arina Slautina, Anastasiya Libatskaya and Diana Loginova. There are other gifted girls as well. To my mind, there must be some surprises in the Hopes tournament. One way or another, the results of the international and Russian competitions will define the final line-up of our national team.

- How stable is the emotional state of the youngest players during the competitions?
- It is very important for the young players to keep calm and positive thinking while failures, analyze the game and mistakes with their coaches, not lose faith, because a lot depends on the emotional state of the young players.

- It is not a secret, that young successful Russian players often lose their level on the international stage after leaving the cadet and especially junior category. Why does it happen? And what should be changed in Russian table tennis?
- After junior age it's important to increase the amount of trainings for a successful entering adult sport. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen very often. Besides the international calendar, there is a need for a Russian one, plus training camps. The financing is also important.

- How would you estimate the level of organization of Nikolay Nikitin's Memorials?
- These competitions are very popular, and I want to note, that the organization level is wonderful. The leading table tennis players of our country and many foreign sportsmen try to take part in the Nikitin's Memorial. These competitions is not only a great school for young players, but also a selection stage to join the training camp of the national Russian team and further participation in main tournaments of the International table tennis federation.

- Last year organizers offered the participants excursions to very famous places like Tsarskoye Selo, which you also took part in. How interesting and necessary such cultural events are for young sportsmen?
- I would call excursions one of the original moments of Nikolay Nikitin's Memorial. I think, that's great, that despite table tennis the participants will have a lot of impressions from one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.