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Young table tennis players will meet again in Saint Petersburg at XVIII International tournament in memory of Nikolay Nikitin

Young table tennis players will meet again in Saint Petersburg at the XVIII International Cadet and Hopes tournament in memory of Nikolay Nikitin.

First staged in 2001, one year after the passing of Nikolay Nikitin, the 18th edition of the well-established tournament will commence on Tuesday 05 December and conclude on Sunday 10 December 2017.

Home is Saint Petersburg, a city steeped in history and one in which Nikolay Nikitin lived; an avid table tennis player he was elected President of the Saint Petersburg Table Tennis Federation.

Furthermore, he proved a most successful businessman. He was the founder of the Eurosib enterprise, a transport and logistics company whose headquarters are in St Petersburg with a logistics base in Novosibirk.

Pertinently, the company has a policy of supporting the young people and fostering international relations. Dimitry Nikitin, his son, is now the person at the helm and continues his late father’s philosophy of encouraging and supporting youth.

Memorably, Eurosib was the title sponsor for a series of highly successful ITTF World Tour tournaments staged in St Petersburg from 2004 to 2007.

Play will take place in the Kometa on 12 tables with a further eight being available for practice.

Ian MarshallITTF Publications Editor

Alex Lomaev, ITTF Media Committee

Photo By: Alex Lomaev