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History of the International table tennis tournament of Nikolay Nikitin began in 1992.

In 1992 Nikolay Nikitin, who previously held one of the leading positions in the West Siberian railway, moved to St. Petersburg, where he founded a freight forwarding company «Eurosib St. Petersburg».


Nikolay had the title the master of sport of table tennis. For a long period of time he had been playing for the club «Locomotive» in his native city Novosibirsk, and then he moved to St. Petersburg, where Nikitin did not leave his favorite sport.

Nikolay was the first president of the St. Petersburg Table Tennis Federation. By the help of Nikitin and financial assistance from the Eurosib, Federation survives and grows, in spite of all the hardships in the country.

The first Petersburg table tennis tournament took place in the gym on the street Bryantseva 14, with a prize fund of just 25,000 non-denominated rubles on the Olympic system 16×16.
The following tournaments, from second to fifth, were already held in the sports complex «Jubileiniy.» In 1996 the Table Tennis Federation elected unanimously Nikolai Nikitinto be the President of the Federation because of his active participation in the development of table tennis in St. Petersburg

In year 2000, after the tragic death of Nikolai Nikitin, by the decision of the St. Petersburg Federation of Table Tennis tournament has got the name «Memorial Nikolai Nikitin.»
Since then, the group of companies «Eurosib» with the support of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the St. Petersburg government already fifteen years long are organizing and conducting «The International Table Tennis Junior Tournament Memorial of N.Nikitin»